LTJ Designs & Consulting Inc.

HCAI Construction Specialists

At LTJ Designs & Consulting Inc we provide a wide array of consulting services for all of your construction needs. From complete HCAI project Design to an inspection team for any size project we can provide the right person / team for any job. LTJ has managed / inspected several HCAI / OSHPD towers in our 20 years in the industry. Our main focus is HCAI inspection services but we also currently provide design services for several remodels, equipment replacements and elevator modernizations under HCAI jurisdiction. Let us help you make your next project a successful one. Check out the OUR SERVICES page for more information or give us a call to learn more. LTJ can show you what a difference a knowledgeable experienced team can make on your project.

 LTJ Designs and Consulting, Inc is in a strong position to provide quality Architectural Design, QA / QC & inspection services due to our recent, relevant experience on large HCAI hospital construction projects as well as multiple remodel projects. We bring a team approach to the process that helps ensure the success of the Project Team and efficient/timely completion of every project. Our moto is

"We Don't Inspect to Find Things Wrong - We Inspect To Make Things Right"  


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